About us

We create software thrusted by innovation, commitment and a bunch of talented people.

What we do

BPO Technology is a custom software development company specialised in providing quality web, software and mobile application development services at an affordable price.

Our operations location

We have a locally owned Philippines based development centre with a team of highly skilled developers. This team is managed by a UK expatriate who has more than 20 years of software development experience.

We're not just a software development company, but a family of very dedicated and supportive individuals. We aspire to foster positive working relationships and offer growth in reaching the heights of one's skills and career.

IT BPO Technology Philippines
IT BPO Technology Philippines

the Philippines

We chose the Philippines to locate our offshore team because:

It has a western-oriented culture fused with Eastern influences

It is the fifth largets English speaking country in the world

It has a high number of university graduates

The people are highly adabtable, hard-working, creative and dedicated

The operating costs in the Philippines are lower than in Western countries and we can pass that advantage on to our clients


What our employees say

Treat employees like partners, and they act like partners.

Challenging, but Fun.

A challenging work environment is, more often than not, a valuable lesson. Our employees are both trustworthy and reliable, always discovering new things about themselves and the field of work they have chosen. We find ways to evolve and stay competitive in our niche. There is no shortage of challenges and opportunities to grow; for employees to connect with the business world through our company.

Pleasant Environment.

Being proactive with communication and boosting morale and confidence at work is a priority for us. Simply exchanging formalities isn’t enough. We strive to be a space of trust and mutual respect. Having transparency will help understand expectations between one another, makes working towards the same goal easier. There is a notable work-life balance, as well. Our company encourages structure and consistency for employees to feel fulfilled whenever they come and leave work.

Flexible Work Schedule.

Through flexible schedules, our employees are given a chance to maintain their required hours while having better management of life's demands. So that they can focus more time on the quality of their work— and less on having to get to work on a specific time. This flexibility aims to reduce workplace stress, boost mental wellness, and encourage productivity.

Who is behind BPO Technology

BPO Technology was created because we felt we needed to provide a good alternative for outsourcing your software development at affordable prices. We want to take the hassle out of developing software overseas by employing sound processes and good people who understand and can communicate with you.

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Software quality begins with the quality of the requirements.

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