Our Agreement

We develop custom software according to the 'Money for nothing and change for free' principle

The basis of our contract

We will develop custom software on either a time and materials basis or fixed price according to the 'Money for nothing and change for free' principle.


The product backlog is used as basis for the estimate, cost and duration.

Each story is given a story point value reflecting the comparative complexity (based on Fibonacci numbers 1,2,3,5,8,13…)

The total story points forms the estimate

An estimate of the total man hours is made and a factor added to account for scrum events and overheads. The resulting estimated man hours per story point is used as basis for determining the cost and duration


Money for nothing change for free

The contract basis for fixed price is based on the ‘Money for nothing change for free’ principle. Changing story prioritization or swapping stories of equal value in and out is free (Change for free). Stopping the project or phase mid-term will incur a penalty equal to an agreed percent of the remaining agreed contract value (Money for nothing).

Customers may request additional releases at any time at prevailing time and material fees. We assume the risk of late delivery of mutually agreed work.


What you get

Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.

Sound technology choices

As a business owner, you might have the right idea, but without the right technology, it might be a struggle to transform your vision into action. We will assist you with lots of things that include identifying ways to make a rich product in a different development environment. With access to tech experts, you can be assured that you make the best technology choices keeping in mind the latest trends.

Exploring new opportunities

Partnering with us comes with different cost of advantages, as we offer opportunities to explore and engage new markets. We can help you identify ways of making the product viable for the applicable market; for instance, deploying a mobile application for a specific demographic. To increase market acceptance, we would suggest going for a progressive web app (PWA) approach.

Early proof of concept

Our experienced development teams can give you an initial proof of concept to help you figure out whether your product is marketable or not. We will help you identify the gaps, if any, to fulfill the project objectives of what your product will be designed for. We, as a software partner, will aim to make your product of excellent quality and future ready.

Mitigating risks

Security, regulatory, compliance regulations are now the primary concerns for most companies. Aside from development, keeping information protected is crucial to provide the integrity, availability, and authentication our clients deserve. In saying that, our goal is to help you navigate these challenges to offer nothing but the best solution.

Post-project delivery support

We won't just stop after delivering your finished product. To make the most of the benefits the project can provide, we guarantee high-quality post-delivery support, including maintenance, production support, and implied warranties. We make sure that there are no hindrances in your product that will impede productivity in any way.

Understanding your business

As a CEO, you must understand that it is not only about the code and technology. There is so much more going on behind the software product that goes unseen. We, as your software development partner, do more than just that, we understand the challenges and new features you are looking for and help accordingly to focus on your priorities.

Agile and lean development process

Complex projects require an agile approach to ensure completion and allow for flexibility during the development process.

Our teams are experienced in combining both development and operation expertise in order to achieve the desired results.

Work according to your time zone

We work in your time zone. Or, as required, we can cover your off-hours or support your development team worldwide. This continuous coverage ultimately means that our employees are available for consultation, should ever you want changes to the product, or if issues that need to be solved immediately arise.

Partners for a long-lasting cooperation

Two heads are always better than one, especially if you want to build your capacity. Our development team will become your product knowledge holders. This partnership can help you later when you are planning to develop further projects or modifications or breach new markets. We want to grow and evolve with you.

Our investment scheme

For individuals and non-corporate commercial clients

With our investment scheme we will develop your product at highly reduced rates. Together we will agree on metrics to gauge the success of your product after one year. This could be metrics such as the number of App downloads, number of website hits or unique visitors etc. After one year we will send you an invoice for the difference between the reduced rate and the agreed normal nominal rate plus a small premium. If you can prove the agreed metrics have not been met we will waiver part or all of the deferred payment. Projects in this category will be a maximum of 1500 hours.

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