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BPO technology is specialised in providing quality web and mobile software development services at an affordable price.

We have a locally owned Philippines based development centre with a team of highly skilled developers. This team is managed by a UK expatriate who has more than 20 years of software development experience.

We chose the Philippines to locate our offshore team because it has a Western-oriented culture fused with Eastern influences; it is the third largest English speaking country in the world; it has a high number of university graduates; the people are highly adaptable, hard-working, creative and dedicated; the operating costs are lower.

Your success is what matters

Our goal is to deliver high quality software that adds value to your business. We will take the worry out of managing the development process for you, but as product owner you or your delegate will be actively involved.

Agile development

All projects are run using agile principles utilising the Scrum methodology. This means we employ an iterative, incremental development approach to optimise predictability and control risk. Read more

You are the product owner

It’s your product and you determine what we build. We determine how and manage the process. You will have access to our online product backlog and be involved in setting priorities, determining requirements and reviewing deliverables. Read more

Our deliverables

We will deliver to our standard definition of ‘done’ as part of our process. This includes testing and documentation standards. If you have specific additional requirements we are pleased to discuss these. Read more

Our Talent

Delivering high value software begins with recruiting great people. We work hard to find talented developers with great communication skills and the right attitude. Our British onsite manager coaches and creates the right environment for development, learning and growth. Read more

What we offer

A high quality and affordable alternative for developing software, where we manage the process with your participation as product owner.

For individuals and non-corporate commercial clients we offer the opportunity to get that mobile app idea or website out there at a reasonable price through our investment scheme.

With our investment scheme we will develop your product at highly reduced rates. Together we will agree on metrics to gauge the success of your product after one year. This could be metrics such as the number of App downloads, number of website hits or unique visitors etc. After one year we will send you an invoice for the difference between the reduced rate and the agreed normal nominal rate plus a small premium. If you can prove the agreed metrics have not been met we will waiver part or all of the deferred payment. Projects in this category will be a maximum of 1500 hours.

Our process

Our process requires some rule, they are:

  • The customer provides a description, specification (product backlog) and/or prototype of the required application based on our set standards. User stories, behaviour & expectations. For fixed price contracts it’s imperative that we have a clear understanding of what is required before we agree on the scope and price. We can help with this on a time and materials basis and have experts in prototyping available to quickly simulate what you want.
  • The customer is the product owner and is responsible for the product backlog. He/she participates actively in the process.
  • There will be a defined standard for what we deliver according to our ‘definition of done’. There are optional items that can be added to the ‘definition of done’ resulting in additional hours.
  • Customer acceptance will only take place once we have delivered according to the definition of done.

Our agreement

We will develop software on either a time and materials basis or fixed price according to the ‘Money for nothing and change for free’ principle.

‘Money for nothing and change for free’ basically means that you can change the priority backlog items are worked on or swap out backlog items with other backlog items of equivalent story point value without incurring penalties (change for free). If your plans change or you believe further work will not improve the return on investment the product development can be stopped, however a penalty of 20% of remaining work will be invoiced (money for nothing).

Customer may request additional releases at any time at prevailing time and material fees. We assume the risk of late delivery of mutually agreed work.

Our expertise

Web development

Our ecommerce and web developers can develop anything from basic website to complex CMS driven web applications or dynamically built websites based on data driven technology.

Mobile App development

Mobile apps based on native SDK’s or cross platform technologies that utilise a mixture of native calls, JavaScript and web technologies as basis.

Cloud development

Leverage cloud technologies to take advantage of cost savings with smaller footprint costs for scalable, reliable and performant software.

Database development

Data driven sites where the power of the database is fully utilised. Our expertise is in using SQL Server, Oracle and MYSQL technologies.

Who is behind BPO Technology

BPO Technology was created because we felt we needed to provide a good alternative for outsourcing your software development at affordable prices. We want to take the hassle out of developing software overseas by employing sound processes and good people who understand and can communicate with you.

Peter Crowhurst (Davao City, Philippines based)

With more than 20 years as a software development contractor in Europe, specialising in web based solutions including many Greenfields projects. Peter is responsible for managing the technical realisation of all developments taking place in the Philippines

Ralph Demelker (Netherlands based)

An Australian freelance consultant currently living in the Netherlands with more than 20 years experience managing software development projects. Ralph is responsible for managing the international based operations and ensuring the process leading up to the technical development runs smoothly.

Contact BPO Technology

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Telephone: 0031651162363